Founded in 1996, Skelmore Consulting Group is a dynamic and innovative Dubai based company providing leading business and management consulting services to the broader Middle East and emerging markets.

Since its inception, Skelmore has established a successful track record in providing and implementing turnaround strategies and introducing and building profitable brands in the fields of Automotive, Transport, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare, Trading & Retail, IT and Banking & Finance.

Skelmore is led by a team of experienced and well respected Directors and Senior Management that applies leading global business practices in a unique approach to meet client objectives.Our highly experienced consultants are qualified professionals with in-depth industry and business knowledge able to work closely with various clients to achieve sustainable results.

We provide a broad spectrum of consulting services, from vision and strategy to detailed structuring, from implementation and capacity building to business development and sustainability.

Skelmore develops long term strategic relationships with its clients with the main priority to maintain an ongoing and confidential interaction. As a result, Skelmore's understanding of the client's objectives is enhanced. This interaction also enables us to more precisely assist the client in achieving its objectives.

Numerous investment opportunities are regularly reviewed by the Skelmore team. In special cases where a client required additional services, Skelmore accesses the expertise of Skelmore Investment & Management Services (SIMS).
We pride ourselves in making a positive and lasting impact on our clients' businesses, our own business and the broader economy.


"Skelmore can only achieve true greatness when it has a close relationship to the communities it serves"

Skelmore Group Founder